Crazy Bar Soap

Hand crafted, Hand cut and Hand wrapped

Main Ingredients: 

Olive oil, coconut and palm oil, Crazy Water #4, sodium hydroxide

Other Ingredients Include:
Relaxing: Glycerin, shea butter, mandarin essential oil and fragrance oils.
Almond Vanilla: Chopped almonds, essential and fragrance oils.
Lavender Oatmeal: Glycerin, shea butter, clay and lavender essential oils.
Oatmeal Vanilla:  Rolled oats, herbs and essential oils.
Oatmeal Spice: Rolled oats and essential fragrant oils.
Texas Bluebonnet: Glycerin, shea butter, essential and fragrance oils.
Vera: Herbal powders and rosemary essentials oil.
Vitality: Peppermint, lemon and tea tree essential oils.
Manly Man: Patchouli essential oils.
Redford: Eternity fragrance oils.